Pizza restaurant Canggu Bali
Our Pizza Fabbrica

Pizza is hands down, the best food on Earth. It’s great for get-togethers, late Friday nights, break-ups, studying, etc. There’s just something about the combination of cheese and carbs that gives you the happiness to power through your week. Everyone loves pizza and if you say otherwise, I’m going to assume that you’re lying.


Our Products

Pizza Fabbrica has a wide collection of Italian Food products. It includes the most classical such as pizza, panzerotto and panuozzo, but also a selection of typical wine, cheese and sausages together with dressings, canned vegetables and confectionery products. PIZZA FABBRICA products are studied to offer the best Italian quality, in the right way and nice location, in order to let our Customers have an authentic experience of Italian Food, all from, over the world. PIZZA FABBRICA gives the right answer to all requests on Italian Food,  also including a special experience at our place in Canggu.